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Ceilidh Explained
cèilidh (Scottish Gaelic pronunciation: [ˈkʲʰeːlɪ]) is a traditional Scottish or Irish social gathering. In its most basic form, it simply means a social visit. In contemporary usage, it usually involves dancing and playing Gaelic folk music, either at a house party or a larger concert at a social hall or other community gathering place.
- Wikipedia

Performing poular genres such as: Pop, Rock, Funk, Disco, Motown, Jazz and Reggae Music.



Ceilidh & Covers Package:
We provide up to 3 x 1hr sets of Ceilidh & Covers, and recommend mixing the Ceilidh and Covers throughout the night (a couple of ceilidh, a couple of covers) to allow people to have a rest between dances, catch their breath and get a drink. It also allows non ceilidh dancers to be involved throughout the night. We usually do a big finish with an Orcadian Strip The Willow to round off the evening.
Performing with a modern twist, the band cover songs by famous Scottish folk acts like Salsa Celtica, The Unusual Suspects, Treacherous Orchestra, Alastair Fraser and Lau, arranged for popular Scottish Country Dances. While also offering all the classic Pop/Rock/Motown floor fillers to bounce and sing along to.

We provide up to 2 x 1hr sets or 3 x 40min Sets.

Ceilidh and Reeling have a few dances that overlap, but the rule of thumb generally is that Reeling is more elaborate than Ceilidh, and unlike Ceilidh, it is not usually taught at the event.
We have a large repertoire of songs for Reeling as well. If you enjoy dancing a Hamilton House, Duke of Perth or Reel of the 51st and would love some Reeling at your event as well we can provide the music for that too. We recommend for these more difficult dances not to be called on the night (we can run through a quick reminder though), as they take a little longer than the usual Ceilidh dances to teach. Tom offers private Reeling lessons for any groups wishing to learn from scratch or brush up on, before an event which may include Reeling. Please enquire on our contacts page or email him direct at:

Ceilidh Only:
We provide up to 2 x 1hr sets or 3 x 40min Sets.
These dances are for all ages and abilities and can be taught at the event. It is the best way to mix up a room and meet lot's of new people!

If you have a Jewish connection, and want some Klezmer Music during your celebrations, we can add 'Hava Nageela' and 'Siman Tov and Mazel Tov' to our set.



Not everyone attending our event is Scottish, so there will be some beginners, is that ok?
Of course, we have taught dances all over the UK to all levels of Ceilidh goers, and provide an inclusive gender neutral service for all ages.

Do you supply a written contract?
Yes. Written by the Musicians Union.

How much deposit is required?
A non-refundable deposit of 40% is required to confirm a booking.

When is payment due?
The remaining balance is required 28 working days prior to the event.

Is there any scenario in which the band could cancel?
In the unlikely scenario that a player cannot make a performance, each player has a long list of deputy musicians to call upon.

Do you provide PA and lighting?
Yes, our standard PA is suitable for a room of up to around 400 people.
If you are hosting a large-scale event we are happy to supply further lighting and a larger P.A.
However, an additional fee will apply.
If you are personally hiring a P.A. system, we are happy to discuss the act requirements with your sound engineer.

Can we use your PA/Mics for our speaches?
Yes. We have a Mic & PA hire 'Add On Package' on offer for Speeches.

Can the band set up earlier in the day before my guest arrive?
Yes. We do offer an early set up option, but there will be an extra fee per musician for doing so.

How much space do you require?
We require a "stage" area 4m x 3m minimum.
This doesn't need to be an actual stage, an area within the allocated dance floor is also fine.

I've been told the venue has a "sound limiter" - is this a problem?
Not at all, we are happy to liaise with the venue manager to make sure the performance stays within the sound limitations of the venue.

What is a Sound limiter and how can affect the event?
A sound limiter is an electronic device that monitors the sound within the room. It is sometimes connected to the power supplying that the band have been told to use, if the volume level in the room exceeds a pre-set level the power cutts out and will have to be reset manually on the sound limiter.

Most venues have a 3 strick rule, once this is up they can stop the band performing indefinitely. Please be very careful when choosing your venue as your event could be affected if a limiter is installed.

In a Ceilidh situation, some limiters are sensitive enough to be triggered by wooping, clapping and stomping of feet... before the band have even played a note.

The degree of sound limiting differs from venue to venue and is mostly to do with the local council's rules.

Please contact Tom if you have any further questions, or would like any recommendations for venues:

Our venue doesn't have a late liecence for live amplified Music - What can you offer?
We are happy to liaise with your venue and put together a program.
We also offer an iPod DJ service for after the band have performed.

The venue is far away and very remote, how far do you travel?
We are happy to travel anywhere in the world... we are based in London (EC1V), and the travel and accommodation expences will be reflected in our quote.

Is the Ceilidh Band performing near me any time soon, so I can come and see them perform before booking?
Tom and the band regularly host sold out public Ceilidh's at the popular London Ceilidh Club (Cecil Sharp House, Camden; & Baden-Powell House, Kensington) as a 4 Piece.

How early do you need to setup before a gig?
It takes us up to 1 hour to set up PA, lighting and sound check, 1.5-2hrs for the lineup's bigger than 5 musicians.

Can you supply background music between sets?
Yes. We can provide 'iPod music' from a playlist between sets.
This can be Jazz, Folk/Celtic, Pop or a mix from your own device.

I have a small budget, can you help?
We will try our best to accommodate all budgets. Get in contact and we'll try our best to help you out!

What type of venues will the band play at?
Our only requirement is that there is a safe power supply and a cover for outdoor events in case of rain.

How does the band dress?
We can wear:
- Kilted (as pictured) in our blue Ramsey Tartan Kilts and Red Tartan Dresses.
- Black Suits with Tartan Tie.
- A "Mumford & Sons" type look (as we apeared on Made in Chelsea).
- Highland Dress/Black Tie atire.

- 'No Tartan' DJ/Black Tie atire.
If you have a special request please let us know when you enquire.

Are you insured?
Yes. We are fully insured, PAT compliant and have PLI through the Musician Union.

Can you perform our 1st dance?
Yes, we include a 1st dance choice free of charge.
Tell us what your thinking of and we'll advise if it can be done with the line up you've booked.
If your looking for ideas, have a look at our "POPULAR & PAST REQUESTED 1st DANCES" list, on the set list page.

Can you perform additional requests that arn't on your set list?
Yes, however there is an aditional charge for transcibing and aranging your request(s).

What other genres apart from Ceilidh can you perform?
In addition to Scottish Ceilidh music and the covers listed on our set list page (Pop, Rock, Motown, Funk),
we can perform Irish songs, Jazz Standards, Bavarian Oompah music and Klezmer music.

Some of our guests require a wheel chair, can they still join in the Ceilidh?
No problem, we can adapt our set list of dances to be inclusive of those with disabilities.
This can be discussed in advance, or adapted on the night.

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